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Inclusivity: At our heart, we are open and inclusive, welcoming clients from all backgrounds, races, and genders. Love knows no boundaries, and neither do we.

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Eri Morita: Capturing Life's Moments with a World of Experience

Eri Morita's journey in photography is as diverse and dynamic as her portfolio. Born in Kumamoto, Japan, and raised in Tokyo, her dream of becoming a photographer led her to the bustling streets of New York City, where she honed her craft at the International Center of Photography.

Eri's career took off as she embarked on a captivating adventure as an editorial photographer for prestigious magazines, including W, Vogue Bambino, Vogue Nippon, Newsweek, Seventeen, Jane, Cosmo girl, YM, Black Book, Tokion, and Der Spiegel, to name a few. Her lens has captured the essence of fashion, beauty, and culture, creating striking visual narratives that have graced the pages of these publications.

In 2005, Eri's journey took her from the concrete jungle to explore the natural wonders and vibrant cultures of Hawaii, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. Eventually, she found her home in the scenic landscapes of San Diego North County, specifically in the coastal haven of Encinitas, CA.

With over 20 years of experience, Eri Morita specializes in beauty, portrait, and wedding photography. What sets her apart is her genuine connection with her clients. Eri photographs each subject as if they were her own family, capturing real moments and authentic emotions.

Outside of her photography studio, Eri's passions include surfing, sailing, and exploring new horizons through travel. She currently resides in Encinitas, CA, with her husband, daughter, and a lively blend of local wildlife, including a family of skunks, a mound of gophers, and two furry feline companions.

Eri Morita's journey is a testament to her commitment to visual storytelling, connecting with people's hearts, and cherishing the beauty of life's moments through the lens of her camera.



International Center of Photography
 - One Year Certificate in General Studies of Photography

Ferris Women's University - BFA in English and American Literature



Home Drama.
 Singpoosha Publishing, Japan in 2005

Workman Publishing, NY in 2004



JGS Annual Photography Award (2015)

Japan Photo Award (2015)

Itaru Hirama Photography Award (2005)

Canon Cosmos of Photography Award of Exellence (1998)


Photo Credit: @sandiegosurfphotos (Right)


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